Practical Approach to Arbitration:
Arbitral Proceedings
This white paper gives salient features of arbitral proceedings and recommend some techniques for conducting these proceedings.
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What disputes can be settled by arbitration?
An article providing an overview on disputes to be settled by arbitration.
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Important Aspects in Drafting of Arbitration Agreement
A White Paper suggesting tips on drafting of arbitration agreement.
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Latest Judicial Pronouncement in Arbitration
This compiled paper gives an insight into latest judicial pronouncement.
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Practical Approach in Preparing an Award
This white paper gives a complete practical approach in preparing an award.
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Standard Format:
Minutes of Preliminary Meeting
It is a suggestive format for preliminary meeting minutes.
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Minutes of Last Meeting
It is a suggestive format for last meeting.
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It is a suggestive format for AWARD by arbitral tribunal.
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General Insurance
Practical Aspects in conducting and facing Insurance Survey
This white paper gives a detailed overview on Practical Aspects of Facing and Conducting Survey
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Prevention of Money Laundering in Insurance Sector
This white paper gives a detailed overview on how to Practically handle and counter the money laundering prevalling in Insurance Sector
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Introductory Overview on FBT
This study paper provides an introductory overview on FBT
Download PPS file (537 KB)
Commercial Banks
Role of Commercial Banks
A white paper giving brief knowledge for the role of commercial banks in Indian Economy
Download PPS file (537 KB)
Public Finance
Public Finance in India
A white paper giving insight into the various theories and their meanings, which together govern the Public Finance scene in India
Download PPS file (654 KB)
Money Market
Role of Central Bank in Indian Money Market
A white paper giving knowledge about how money market is regulated by RBI
Download PPS file (4.4 MB)
CAAT Tools
Introductory Overview on CAAT Tools
White paper giving benefits, obstacles & reasons for using CAAT's
Download PPS file (274 KB)
Consultancy in Investment Banking
M & A Joint venture advisory
Private equity advisory
Venture capital funding consultation
Debt Syndication
Consultancy for initial public offer
Surveyor and loss assessor
Audit of claims
Professional services in alternate commercial disputes resolution
Insurance litigation
Personal advisory services
Risk management & Consultancy
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